Who We Are?

TDC UK is a non-profit organisation which has been established to raise awareness about the prevention and management of diabetes in UK.


Our secondary aim is to assist our sister organisation (TDC Pakistan) in building and running various projects in Pakistan, the latest being a new Hospital in Lahore.

What We Do?

We educate people about the various types of diabetes and their management. We encourage people to adopt a healthy life style to help curb diabetes.


We show people how to live an active and successful life while living with diabetes.

Why Choose Us?

We are concentrating on raising awareness by arranging different activities like Educational Seminars, Leaflets etc. We approach different communities and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their young ones to help eliminate diabetes in future Generations.

How You Can Help


Every donation counts and is used to benefit people with diabetes, their families and loved ones. Dedicate your donation to the memory of a loved one.


You can become a full member by donating a minimum of £10.00 per month. You can also become a voluntary member by helping us organise activities and events.


If you would like to make a regular donation to our charity, it is possible to do so by making a standing order.


To make a pledge, please download and fill out the form below.

Standing Order Pledge Gift Aid